TileWarehouse Online Store: Design and Build

Tile Warehouse Limited, based in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is an interior and exterior facility surfacing and finishing products supplier with many years of experience in their industry. Some years ago the company approached us with a problem. They had no e-commerce presence on the Internet and recognized this as a factor stifling their international growth as a company.

After having sessions with key stakeholders and considering the strategic goals of the company, we developed the WordPress and WooCommerce powered online store www.tilewarehouse.tt.

The WooCommerce platform was customized to act as quotation request system. The solution was developed in this manner for several reasons.

Firstly, the price of their products varied quite frequently in a month due to demand and supply issues. The directors at Tile Warehouse were of the view that they did not want to allocate resources to update the product prices on the web store so frequently and asked us to come up with a solution that will satisfy these concerns.

Beyond this, the directors did not want to allow an external contractor to have constant access to their pricing strategy, especially due to the nature of their industry.

Furthermore, the directors did not want to employ the option of training internal staff members to update the prices on the web store and stated that most of their staff are not very technically oriented and were swamped with their current workflow. They foresaw many challenges that would occur in assigning this additional responsibly of keeping product prices on the web store updated as they change so frequently.

This is when we proposed the solution of customizing the e-commerce store into quotation request / submission system, one that would integrate seamlessly with their existing customer sales cycle. The directors loved the proposed solution and the development began.

Tile Warehouse Limited - Web Store

The device responsive online store that we developed allows users to browse through their products, add items to their cart, fill out their customer information, select their preference relative to payment options on pick-up, and submit their products of interest and request for quotation to the company. Internally, the staff would receive the request and promptly contact the customer with the relevant and current product pricing then move them through their sales cycle.

When launched, the online quotation request system was an immediate hit. On the first day the store went live the company received quotation requests through the platform, since then, they have been able to significantly improve their global customer reach. Tile Warehouse now conducts more business with companies and individuals in various territories across the Americas and Caribbean region.

We thank the knowledgable directors at Tile Warehouse for the opportunity to work with them and the amazing strategic thinkers, user experience / interface designers and web developers at {emircostudios} for their great work on this project.

Feel free to visit www.tilewarehouse.tt and have a look for yourself. Thanks for reading and have a good one.