Why Savvy Businesses Use Personalized Email Addresses

It is not uncommon in Trinidad and Tobago to see businesses using their free email account (@hotmail.com, @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc) or the account that came with their internet service account (@tstt.net.tt) to execute their online correspondence however, this approach has a less than positive effect for businesses.

Free email services are excellent for personal communication but as a business it can place doubts on the professionalism of your business. Acquiring a hosted email account is easier and more affordable than you realize, especially when you explore the increased credibility, brand awareness and array of other benefits it provides.

Below are some of the reasons why business owners made the switch to personalized email addresses for their business.

Professionalism and Credibility 

Like it or not, your business email address makes a statement to the receiver about your business professionalism. Plain English: you@yourbusinessname.com creates a businesslike setting unlike stanley1970@hotmail.com or grundgetta55@gmail.com

Email Addresses by Departments

The advantages of separating email address by departments can be realized as your company grows. Even if you’re a one-person shop, having addresses like admin@yourbusinessname.com, customersupport@yourbusinessname.com, and hr@yourbusinessname.com can help you compartmentalize your incoming email and even make you appear as a larger company than you might actually be. Which would end up working out to your benefit.

Enhance Your Brand

Corresponding with a customer or prospect by email, makes finding your business online easy because it’s in your email address. The same is true for forwarded emails. Your business email address is there for those leads to follow. Every email you send puts your brand in front of your customers/clients, prospective customers/clients and anyone else with whom you do business. Using a brand-building signature is icing on the cake.

Quick Summary 

Business email addresses costs nothing when compared to the benefits you derive from them. The implementation of this resource would help pave the way for the continued success of your business in the digital age.

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