Web Search that Works!

How to search and find what you seek using a web search engine like Google, in some cases can be difficult. This article teaches you how to search a web search engine and successfully find what you’re looking for. Before beginning any web search, think about the information you are seeking. If you want to browse the Web just to see the types of information available, start with an index on a site such Yahoo!

If you are looking for specific information available, use a keyword web search engine such as Google. If you want as much information as you can find about a topic, try your web search on several web search engines.

Consider the following tips when you enter keywords in web search engines:

  • Use keywords that specific, and try to use nouns rather than verbs.
  • Put the most important keyword first in your keyword list.
  • Use the plus sign (+) before each keyword to ensure that it is included in the results.
  • Whenever possible, combine keywords into phrases by using quotation marks to indicate exact wording, and limit your search results by using the Boolean operator AND.
  • Use parentheses to combine Boolean phrases in order to identify single concepts and to indicate the order in which the relationships should be considered.

Now, finding what you’re looking for online should be a snap. Have fun trying these web search strategies in your next web search and sharing this article with your friends, family and business associates.