Web Media Internship Programme

We’re looking for sharp, creative, detail oriented and enthusiastic individuals with a strong desire to learn more about website development and management, social media marketing, Internet marketing, photography, copywriting, art and design, branding, web and mobile app development, web project management, website administration, business development, sales or customer service.

Candidates must be highly organized, proactive and have the ability to multi-task. An opportunity to grow with the company can be offered to the right individual if a position should become available.


  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Cell phone or landline
  • Strong written, verbal and organizational skills
  • Internet savvy

Responsibilities (not limited to)

  • Assisting with web design and development
  • Helping organize and update website content
  • Assisting with web marketing and public relations
  • Providing support to clients in all departments


  • Letters of recommendation for future endeavors upon internship completion
  • Recommendation letters are issued to interns who complete at least six months of our internship programme


  • Length and weekly hours are flexible
  • Three days per week or ten to twenty hours weekly

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