Micro commerce Vs Macro commerce

Micro commerce is a term commonly used for e-commerce service or software purchases that are between U.S. $0.01 and $5.00.

There has been micro commerce transactions that were even smaller that one cent in some cases. These types of offerings are usually goods and services that are provided to a customer on an individual bases.

Even though micro payments occur on a per click basis the relatively small payment can add up to significant revenue if a large customer demographic exists for your product or service.

Some B2B-based micro commerce can include:

  • Database connectivity – where a company provides access to a specific database for a micro commerce payment
  • Software Use – A business provides software on a per user basis and charges users a few cents for each user session of the software
  • Content – a business may provide online content and charge each time an article or learning object is utilized or accessed by a web user

Some consumer-based micro commerce includes:

  • Music purchases,
  • Book or Booklet purchases
  • Access to member only areas of websites
  • Gaming and gambling purchases
  • Photography or clip art licensing or purchases

On the other hand, macro commerce is on flip side of the coin. Macro commerce is a technical term used to describe purchases that are over U.S. $5.00 on the Internet. Common macro commerce purchases include computer hardware, office equipment, electronics, mobile devices and furniture, just to name a few.

Both payment structures can achieve substantial revenue for a business, however, choosing the right structure will depend on the type of products and services your business offers as well as certain psychological aspects of your target demographic.

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