Email Marketing: A Strategic Marketing Tool

Expanding the value of your customer relationships while also converting new prospects can be quite challenging. Email marketing tools make it super easy and affordable to do so.

Let’s dive into some of the benefits of email marketing:

Maximizing Your Marketing ROI

Compared to mainstream marketing channels, email marketing is substantially more cost-effective and in the business world, results are all that matters. Considering this, one of the main reasons that most businesses invest in email marketing is the fantastic return on investment. In 2011, the Direct Marketing Association estimated that email marketing typically returns TTD$400.00 for every $1 invested.

Reduced Time & Effort

Take a moment to think about the time and effort involved in structuring a direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business campaign using one of the two most common offline direct marketing communications techniques:

  • Newspaper Adverts: You’ll need to allow time for the copy writer to create the copy and the graphic designer to create the advert design, which typically result in several lengthy revisions. Then off to the newspaper print house. This option is very time consuming and costly considering you have a tedious process of capturing the necessary data to know if your advert is a success.
  • Telesales Campaigns: In addition to having to construct a telesales script, you’ll have to wait the time out while your sales agents dial through cycled call attempts to all of the sales leads or customers on your target list.

Capability of Tracking Sales and User Engagement

Email marketing is a simple medium that draws precise and viable tracking information to help you figure out what’s successful and what’s not. Email marketing tools can provide tracking information on how many people opened an email, how many people clicked a link in an email, which specific link within the email was clicked, how many people reported the email as spam or unsubscribed and, of course, whether your email even made it into your recipient’s inbox. Combine that with the ability to track sales back to a source which assist you in identifying a customer’s engagement and response through an entire cycle with clear, easy-to-understand reports.

It Simply Works

According to a 2012 survey conducted by Exact target, 66% of online recipients have bought something as a result of receiving a marketing message via email. That’s more than 3 times that of Facebook (20%), and more than 4 times (16%) that of text.

Email marketing is simply a brilliant strategic marketing tool. At Emirco Studios we assist businesses in the creation and management of their email marketing strategies and campaigns. To get started simply contact us using the form below.