Building Successful Websites

Web design concepts are continually evolving. It is important to remember that the Web is not a static medium, like print media. Therefore, the rules and concepts for success are in constant fluctuation. One of the most common misconceptions about Web design is that a good site must dazzle the user with a multimedia experience, and that the content of the site is of secondary importance. This popular assumption is quite false.

You want the user to have a satisfying experience, but dazzling the user is not your goal. The primary goal in Web design is to give users what they want, not what you think they want. This vision can be achieved with an intricate balance of well planned design, high-quality content, and proper use of any available media. Numerous studies has confirmed that the overuse of multimedia will discourage visitors because they either do not have the capabilities to support it or do not want to wait for lengthy downloads.

Ultimately, if you do not satisfy the Web users’ needs or desires, they will inevitably find other sites that will. The person or business who thinks only from his or her perspective, and not the users’ perspective, will certainly find dissatisfied Web visitors, clients and customers never coming back to their website.

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